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In 2022, the QUASA service will be launched on the service market.
In the period from 2022 to 2024, services will expand, the total coverage of services will be more than 200 cities around the world. The first goal is to launch the app and generate $ 1 million in revenue by mid-2024. The second goal – is to expand the app with new custom modules and generate M10 revenues by the end of 2026. The third goal – is to add new decentralized modules to the app and generate $ 25 million in revenue by the end of 2027. The fourth and fifth goals – are to make 50 and 100 million dollars in 2028 and 2030.
QUA liquidity positions will be represented as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the third Uniswap exchange protocol.
On May 24, the start of trading in cryptocurrency to unite people Quasacoins (QUA) on the third version of the protocol of the Uniswap decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network.
QUASA plans to host Quasacoins (QUA) on the Kickico platform
Thanks to the synergy of our projects, we are confident in the successful sale of Quasacoins tokens. Thanks to Kickico and its competent team, we are reaching a whole new level. A large number of new users will learn about our platform and join our community. To make life better!
QUASA (QUA) Project Reward Program Official Announcement “AIRDROP”
We glad to let the public know that QUASA has officially announced the beginning of the Reward program to the community and all interested persons will have to complete the required Tasks to be able to get Free QUA tokens and each person will get 100 QUA tokens per Airdrop claim in they Ethereum wallet address.
Quasacoin Token (QUA) Listed on DEX
The QUASA project announced a new liquidity offering in the DeFi segment by launching the Quasacoins (QUA) token liquidity pool. Anyone can trade or become a liquidity provider (LP) in the QUA / DAI liquidity pool today A place under the sun The first liquidity pool is formed from two cryptocurrencies: Quasacoins (QUA) tokens and DAI stable coins. The starting pair for the Quasacoin token is QUA / DAI. QUA token is listed on the DEX UniSwap.
Launch of the second stimulated testnet
We launched the Quasa Chain Delta Testnet, the last stimulated testnet ahead of the mainnet launch. This testnet is optimized to demonstrate to validators and developers the capabilities of the QUASA network in preparation for genesis in 2021.
Quasa launches Quasa Chain stimulated testnet
We launched it in full force with the public launch of Quasa Chain Select, the first testnet stimulated by QUASA. Quasa Chain Select was the first MVP of the HP Besu protocol. We launched Quasa Chain with testnet validators including,, and others.
The first blockchain application Quasa App is posted on the official Google store
In September, we released the Quasa app for download on the Google Play Market. We continue to contribute to the development of our industry, to the transition of supply chains to blockchain and to expand our competence in the field of decentralization and logistics environment.
Quasa Network launch
Quasa Network will help thousands of people and companies interact