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Gauntlet ESport is a new and exciting gaming client that will allow users to play their favourite games, interact with a host of other features and get rewarded cryptocurrency.

What is Gauntlet ESport?

Gauntlet ESport is a new gaming project being developed by the tech newcomer, Silver Titan Limited. According to their CEO, it's the gaming client everybody's been waiting for! Players will be able to purchase games, accessories and other store items as well as integrate their existing desktop games into the client. Users can stream, donate, participate in ESport events, create their own events and interact with their audiences in more ways than just chat. The future is bright with educational and other technologies planned for Gauntlet ESport. Why can't you have everything? Nobody should be left out!

The Global Gaming Landscape

The entire gaming market is expected to be worth over $200 billion US dollars by 2023. In 2015 there were almost 2 billion video gamers globally, this is expected to rise to over 3 billion gamers by 2023. It is estimated that over 56% of active PC gamers are millennial's aged between 23 to 38 and 51% of gamers are Gen x aged between 39 and 50 years of age worldwide. This year, the console gaming market will see a further $4 billion dollars increase in digital gaming purchases from last year and it is estimated to go over that in 2022. (Source:

The Future of Gaming Rewards

Reward systems are an important characteristic of games, serving as motivational components to encourage players' progress and enjoyment. Gauntlet wishes to provide positive player experiences through multiple reward types integrated into the client for users to engage with, which will allow players to receive direct game rewards but also attached client rewards through, game play, stream play, ESport participation and P2P donations. The future of gamer rewards can be summed up in four words; achievement, connectivity, fun and tradable rewards while providing a level of high engagement throughout each process.

What Gamer's Want

All gamers want a high level of satisfaction when using clients to play their games and achieve a high level of engagement. Gamers want:

👉Access to high quality content as well as early access content too. Minimum pay to unlock features coupled with free to play (FTP) or freemium games.  

👉Players also want a client that is easy-to-use and doesn't require too much hard work to find new games or the most popular ones without sifting through heavy company advertising. Gamers want easily defined categories, proper rating systems and accessible gaming gems all contribute to a great gaming repository.  

👉A high volume of largely AAA-rated games at their disposal. Some, however, enjoy the mix of highly-rated, often expensive games with quality, often cheap indie games.  

👉The right mix of rewards can make a huge difference when select gaming clients. Clients that let you take advantage of in-client virtual currency, sales and exclusive pre-orders.  Gamers want to get paid for their game-time and who can blame them right?

👉Great customer service is probably the final 'want' gamers seek. Great service can mean the world to choosing a client and developing a loyalty relationship with them. Great customer service extends to more than solving gaming issues, money-back guarantees are very important to the curious gamer looking to jump from genre to genre or to return a bugged early access game. 

How The Gauntlet Client Will Work

The GAU gaming client will work similar to most clients however with some additional exciting differences! The following client tabs will show you how it will work. Additional features described but omitted from our current slides will be added to our prototype 1.0 which will be released in Q2 of 2021!


The Dashboard is what every user will see when they first open or load their client. It's essentially a snapshot of the players financials with rich data filter options, progress chart, holdings, top players and games.

Game Library

The library will contain all your purchased games and listed in preference play order. Existing games that were integrated from your desktop will also be here.


From best sellers, new releases, pre-orders, high and low cost games in different genres to gaming gift cards, gift cards, subscriptions, software and much more, Gauntlet ESport will offer access to thousands of products for you to choose from.